list of dangerous animals in the world

List Of Dangerous Animals In The World

List Of Dangerous Animals In The World List of Dangerous animals in the world – In our Planet, there are millions and a half of species of animal have been identified. Animals are classified into different groups according to their similarities. The animal kingdom is divided into animals without backbones and with backbones. All animals have their own characteristic, some are …

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desert information

Desert Information | Desert Animals And Plants

Desert Information Desert is a large area of land or barren area of the landscape. Deserts are vast areas where very little rainfall occurs. The rain that does fall quickly evaporates. Few plants can survive, soil cannot develop in such a dry and barren environment. The landscape is filled with sand, gravel, or rock. Clear skies and sparse vegetation leave the …

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best places to visit in kathmandu

Best Places To Visit in Kathmandu Valley | Kathmandu Tourism

9 Best Places To Visit in Kathmandu Nepal is home to the highest peak of mountains. There are many best places to visit in Kathmandu Valley or throughout Nepal. Mountaineering, trekking, rafting, and other adventures are the major attractions for visitors in Nepal. Kathmandu is also one of the major tourist destinations in Nepal.  The Capital City ‘Kathmandu’ is the gateway …

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high security prisons

High Security Prisons That Are Impossible To Escape

5 High Security Prisons There are many high security prisons in the world. The ratio of crime is increasing rapidly. Terrorism, murder, robbery, assaults, and rape are the worst crime. Criminals will be sentenced according to their crime. Some inmate can’t handle the imprison and try to escape prison through unofficial or illegal ways. They use every possible way to escape from …

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