10 Creative Homeless Signs

creative homeless signs
image source: Andrew Mager

Creative homeless signs

How do you sell your products? It’s obviously by advertisement. Companies make the funny and creative advertisement to sell their products. They have their own strategies for the achievement of success. Everybody makes their own plan to attract people. Then why not homeless people?  They also come up with the most creative ideas to survive on this planet. Read the 10 most intelligent and creative homeless signs.

1. Needs a rich woman

creative homeless sign
image source: Josh Swieringa

Who needs a rich woman? The answer is here, the homeless bill needs a rich woman to support him. The cardboard sign is an attraction to get help. This is the coolest way to attract people.

2. Not Dirty, Not On Drugs

not dirty, not on drugs
image source: Alex Proimos

Unemployment and poverty are the main causes of homelessness. She mentioned there she was not dirty and not on drugs but still homeless. There can be also other reasons for being homeless. This is the sad homeless sign.

3. Beer

needs beer
image source: George Fox Evangelical Seminary

Beer is a beverage made by the fermentation of grain. It is the most consumed alcohol in the world. Beer is everything for some people. For some time, drinking beer will relax you and lets you forget your current situation.

4. Money for Karate lessons

creative sign
image source: Andrew Mager 

Karate is a martial art which uses all parts of the human body as a weapon. It is one of the most widely practiced martial arts. This funny cardboard sign is the best way to attract people. It is one of the best creative homeless signs which can attract many people.

5. How Sad

homeless sign
image source: Bruce Martin

Parents eaten by pigeons need money for B.B. Gun! Oh, he was in trouble. The cardboard sign attracts the people to get helped.

6. Affair

funny homeless sign
image source: pophangover

You are walking in the street and suddenly you see that cardboard sign. Obviously, it will make you laugh and maybe you will help him. When you had affair with Hillary Clinton, you will be homeless. It is one of the funny homeless signs.

7. Can You?

funny sign
image source: rebel circus

Who can hit him? Nobody will hit him but might help him. The cardboard sign attracts people. This is the coolest way to get help.

8. Hair Weave

funny homeless sign
image source: Pinterest

Hair loss is also known as the baldness. It is the most common in older age. Hair weaving is adding the hair to the baldness by the artificial hair. We can clearly see that he desperately need of hair weave. He didn’t like his bald head.

9. Time Traveller

time traveller sign
image source: Pinterest

Time Traveler is a person who travels from one place to another place between certain points of time from time machine. It is a widely recognized fiction and philosophy. The cardboard sign tells us that he is a time traveler. This is the funny homeless sign.

10. What…….

homeless sign
image source: big think

This is what happened when he slept with Lindsay Lohan. It is one of the funny and creative homeless signs.


These cardboard signs make us laugh but the homeless people stories are sad. This is all happen due to the effects of poverty and jobless. So, what do homeless people need? Well, they need our support and love.

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