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10 Funny Photos Taken At the Right Time

Funny Photos Taken At the Right Time – Anyone with a Smartphone or DSLR can capture a great moment at the right time.  Sometimes perfectly timed photos are funny, awesome and hilarious which will create a memory for a lifetime. Take a look at these funniest photos taken at the right time.

1. Who are you?

Photo Credits: CubeBreaker

A good photographer always waits for the right moment to get the perfect shot. Timing is everything for the photographer. In this photo, at first, it looks like the guy is wearing a blue skirt and the lady didn’t have legs. The mirror was the focal point of this perfect shot. It is one of the funny photos taken at the right moment.

2. Can’t Control

funny photo
Photo Credits: 24hviralphotos

When some of us get bored with our job, we want to do fun things. I think this photo was clicked when they get bored while working. This photo looks like he had the problem of diarrhea. But, it is one of the funny pictures taken at the right time.

3. Short Break

dog having a short break
Photo Credits: top13

The dog always does pee by leg lifting. It’s a common thing for the dog. Mostly dog pee in the poles. When the area is lack of pole, the dog finds the alternative pole to pee. The photographer always waits for the perfect time to get this kind of funny photo. This perfectly caught photo is the funny photos taken at the right time.

4. Come Closer

perfect timing
Photo Credits: Fun Evil

I think the man is waiting for the train and in front of him was an advertisement board. The photo look likes the big hand was going to tickle the man’s nose. The photographer is always hungry for the funny or best photo. It is the right timing photo which makes the funny photos taken at right time.

5. Same Hair

Photo Credits: digital synopsis

What do you do in your leisure time? Most of us like to do fishing in free time. She did the same in her free time. The dog and the lady’s hair looks the same color. We all love taking pictures especially when the time is perfect. Because of hair color, the photo looks like a lady body has a dog head.

6. Hold On, you have something there

funny photo
Photo Credits: Wix

Basketball is the fastest game. The players take the fast move to score. Two opponents give their best to take good shots and both team also play tough defense. Well, it’s a fast speed game and the player’s hands go everywhere while defending. Like here, a defender trying to defend the ball but his hand had gone in the nose. This the funniest photo in the basketball game. It is the funny photos taken at the right time.

7. I got you

photo timing image
Image source youtube

Baseball is a popular sport. In honor of the baseball player, some cities built the statue. The above photo looks like statue was trying to hit the lady and she looks scared. Photo timing was perfect. This is one of the best funny photos taken at the right time.

8.  Nice Body

funny cat body
image source Pinterest

Cats are sweetest animals. There are many kinds of cat breeds around the world. When the timing is perfect, take out your camera and click the best shot. In this photo, it looks like the cat had the best human body. This is the perfect timing photo.

9. Upside

animal upside
image source youtube

Bull riding is a popular sport. The rider must stay on the top of bull. It is a dangerous sport which is played by a professional. People will cheer the rider if the bull riding was well performed. Sometimes, the rider cannot perform well. Take a close look at the photo, the rider is under the bull. It looks like why the rider always has to be at the bulls top. Karma works here.

10. Bride with horse legs

bride with horse legs
Photo Credits: Daily News Dig

Marriage is a special ceremony where two people united. After the wedding, the bride, and the groom take romantic photos. Photographers capture their romantic moment in a camera. But, sometimes best photoshoots won’t happen because of some mistakes. In this photo, it looks like a bride has a horse leg. Her gown covers the horse body. or maybe someone crops this photo, just to make a funny photo. This perfect timing photo is the funny photos taken at the right time.


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