Funny Text Messages To Make Someone Laugh

funny text messages
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 10 Funny Text Messages

Technology is getting advance today and it is becoming an essential part of our life. Among many, the smartphone is one which is making human life easier. We can communicate with anyone anytime, can take a picture of beautiful nature and funny things. Now let’s talk about screenshots, we capture the funny photos or take screenshots of a funny text message which we share during the conversation. Some of us may have that one moment when we send the wrong text message to the wrong person. Regardless of how we send the texts, sometimes recipients came up with brilliant responses. Read 10 most funny text messages which will make you laugh.

1. Wrong Person

funny text message
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When you send a text message to a wrong person and had a little chat. In the end, you came to know that the text message was sent to the wrong person. But, sometimes the wrong person also makes fun of your message.

2.  I hate you message

i hate you message
image by Kevin Cao

What kind of cat breed was that? Cat sent a message. Cat can’t type the right word. That was the best way to say I hate you.

3. Learn the meaning of ‘LOL’

learn the meaning of lol
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LOL is an internet slang which means laugh out loud. The full form of ‘LOL’ is also a ‘lots of love’ which is used in letter writing. Sometimes a small mistake can be dangerous. The message seems different because of ‘lol’.

4. Chosen one

chosen one
image source: fyouautocorrect

It’s annoying when someone takes our mobile and changes the names on the phone. Some people enjoyed that moment when asked a simple question that who was he. It is one of the funny text messages.

 5. Auto-correct problem

This is What Happens When You Rely on Spell Check
image source: topical teaching

Autocorrect is great to make our spelling correct. It makes us easy to type but sometimes it can be the disaster. Sometimes we choose the wrong spelling which will make our sentence completely different.

6. Liar

image source: funny junk

A relationship is a strong connection between two people. Sharing secrets, trust and honest with each other are the best relationship. Without honesty, the relationship will end.

7.  Well That’s Fantastic

funny mom
image source: Facebook

Some parents never believe their children. Because everytime their children get the low mark. When your parents get a message that you get a good mark. They get shocked and reply fast. And the best thing is changing the full form of wtf in a clever way.

8. Funny Dad

funny dad reply
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This one is one of the funny text messages from parents. Dad was irritating his child with the funniest reply.

9. Donuts lover

dad is funny
image source: Pinterest

Everyone loves a good doughnut. This dad is a donut lover. If the world is going to end, this dad will need donuts.

10. Dad is dead

funny text message
image source: funny junk

Moth won’t kill you. Some children scare with small insects. Dad has the best time to make fun of it. It is one of the funny text messages from dad.

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