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10 Beautiful Cat Breeds In The World

Cat Breeds In the World – There are two types of people; cat people, and dog people. Many kinds of cat and dog breeds are found in this world.  People have different choices to keep cats or dogs as a pet. This list is for the cat lover. Cats are the most wonderful creatures in the world. There are plenty of breeds of cat in the world.  They are fun-loving, good-natured, and safe around children. Check out some of the lists of most popular cat in the world.

1. Birman

Birman Cat

This beautiful cat is thought to have originated from Burma and also called the “Sacred Cat of Burma“. This cat is popular for its blue eyes; dark points on its ears, face, legs, and tail; and snow-white boots on all four paws. Birmans are exceptionally sweet nature cats that love to be with people. This is a loving, gentle cat that loves to play, but can stay quiet.

2. Persian


The Persian is one of the oldest cat breeds. The cat is quiet and sweet. They communicate with their expressive eyes, long-silky fur, and soft, melodious voice. Persian cats love to cuddle, also they are playful and curious. Persians need a comfortable environment to feel safe.

3. Ragdoll


The Ragdoll is a gentle and affectionate cat. One of the largest cat breeds, ragdolls are also one of the most affectionate, often referred to as “puppy cats” because of their dog-like personality. They love their people, greeting them at the door, following them around the house, and leaping into a lap. It is one of the most beautiful and popular cat breeds in the world.

4. American Shorthair

American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is a shorthaired cat found in North America. Cats are very personable, affectionate, gentle, and easy going. A shorthair is considered an ideal pet for a working family with children. American Shorthairs come in all colors, divisions, and categories.

5. Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair

This is the short-haired version of the Persian. The Exotic Shorthair is the most affectionate of cats and definitely a lap cat. These cats show more affection. They are sweet and loyal companions. The exotic shorthair is one the most beautiful and cute cat breeds in the world.

6. Maine Coon

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is one of the famous breeds of cat. The Maine Coon is popular for its large bone structure, its rectangular body shape, and a long, flowing coat. The breed can be seen in a variety of colors and are known for their intelligence.

7. The Sphynx


The Sphynx, a hairless, wrinkled wonder with big ears and eyes. The hairless Sphynx display a high level of energy, intelligence, curiosity, and affection for their owners. It is warm to the touch, energetic, affectionate, and cuddly. The Sphynx is one of the weird looking cat breeds in the world.

8. Siamese cat

Siamese cat

This cute Siamese cat which is one of the first distinctly recognized breeds of Asian cat. They can be sensitive and nervous. The Siamese comes in a number of colors. They have dark patches on the face, ears, paws, and tail.

9. Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cat

One of the oldest breeds of cat, the Abyssinian resembles an ancient Egyptian cat with its lithe build, large pointy ears, and slender legs. The Abyssinian cat is one of the most popular cat breeds. The Aby is most comfortable in a home environment that best suits its loyal and people-loving nature. Abyssinians are very active, busy and playful. They are one of the popular cat breeds in the world.

10. Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthair

Related to the Siamese, this cat has big pointed ears and an inquisitive personality. Its sleek body is more muscular than it would visible. The Oriental cat is smart and social. The cat can be a playful companion.


Cats have lived with people for thousands of years to keep people company. Cats are affectionate and respond well to humans. There are many cats breeds in the world. They are distinguished mainly by their body shape. Cats are very clean animals. All types of cats have their own uniqueness.


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