People Arrested In Funny T-shirts

david peters arrested in funny t-shirts

10 Funny T-shirts

People who involve in criminal activities don’t expect to get arrested and end up having your mugshots taken. After that, they send you to prison. Some seem to really enjoy looking at mugshots. Check out these hilarious mugshots of 10 people who wore the funny t-shirts.

1. Out on bail

out on bail
Photo Credits: funny or die

Why did the police capture him? No matter how many times he gets caught, he will be out on bail soon. He doesn’t need a lawyer. His funny t-shirt is a lawyer for him. This is one of the funny mugshots.

2. I’d like to apologize in advance

icronic tshirt
image source: spectratees

How will you get justice? By wearing a t-shirt which was written that I’d like to apologize in advance. The apology is not acceptable in law. Well, that was only his t-shirt saying. The source of apology was his t-shirt which was not acceptable but makes funny mugshot.

3. Warning! I do dumb things

arrested in iconic tshirts
image source: law and crime

No matter how many times police captured this man, he will never stop doing dumb things. His t-shirt was giving a warning to the Police. This is what his t-shirt says. That was just a coincidence during mugshot.

4. FBI – Female Body Inspector

mughsot tshirt
image source: smosh

The Federal Bureau of Investigation Police is the FBI‘s uniformed security police force. Imagine, the FBI was going to capture this man and they got confused that the man belongs to their team. Wait! What? The FBI doesn’t look familiar. The FBI full form says female body inspector. This is the funniest t-shirts.

5. Don’t capture him

funny mugshot
image source: Pinterest

Don’t capture him. If he gets caught, it’s all police fault. This t-shirt tells us that whatever crimes they did, it was all good. But if they get caught, it will be other people fault. He looks serious about it.

6. Internet was down so thought I’d come outside today

david peters arrested
image source: HuffingtonPost

Fast internet is good for all of us. It doesn’t give a headache. We can surf easily on the internet with fast speed. All of us don’t want to spend much time on the slow internet. This guy internet was also down. Because of that, he had a headache and came out of his home. Then he gets caught. Otherwise, it was impossible to get him. That is how his funny t-shirt describes.

7. Stupidity is not a crime

image source: Pinterest

Stupidity is a behavior that shows a lack of intelligence, foolishness or common sense. Stupidity is not a crime but doing stupids things against law is a crime. That funny t-shirt was just the coincidence during mugshot.

8. Go to jail

image source: express

Every time, wearing that t-shirt makes you feel that one day you have to be in jail. So, he was in jail. His t-shirt already knew that he was going to jail. This ironic t-shirt is the funniest t-shirts.

9. I am the law!

funny mugshot
image source: Pinterest

It’s not about what is the law, but it’s all about who is the law? Oh, the law is an old man with a white beard. We found the law. Police should keep the law at the police station. Law is important to all of us. This is the funny face with funny t-shirts during mugshot.

10. America’s most wanted

image source: panicviews

This is the happiest moment for the cop. They were able to capture America’s most wanted person. Is it? No, the police took only the funny mugshots. This is the funniest mugshot t-shirt which says America’s Most Wanted.


The above t-shirt description was just an imagination. Those mugshots with funny t-shirts were just the coincidence. These are the funniest t-shirts during mugshot. Those are the funny t-shirts in the world.


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