Perfectly Timed Photos taken at the right moment

one of the perfectly timed photos

10 Perfectly Timed Photos

Perfectly Timed Photos – You can take thousands of photos. There is no strategy to take a perfect shot. Sometimes, you just have to be in the right place at the right time. Snapping a right moment photo is about luck but some people plan for a perfect shot.  Here are 10 perfect timing photos taken at the right moment which looks funny photos.

1. Statue Blows

perfect timed photo
Photo by Quinteze Sorrell

Cloud is an important part of Earths weather. But how clouds are formed? Here the statue is producing clouds. He was helping the Earth’s water cycle. Either he was producing clouds or blowing out clouds from its horn. It is one of the perfectly timed photos taken at the right moment.

2. Headless Gymnast

Headless gymnast
Photo Credits: Daily News Dig

Gymnastic is a flexible sport that requires balance and strength. In this photo, that is called a Rhythmic gymnastics where the rubber ball is used. Their body is so flexible which is like a rubber. It’s a performance of flexibility. During the jumping in the game, her head went down at the backside which looks like a headless gymnast. This picture seems to have her head lost and became the perfectly timed photos.

3. Cover Me

Photo Credits: Earth Porm

Spending time on a beach is good for physical and mental. Many people spend their leisure time on a beach during a summer vacation. People do a lot of funny things on the beach. They love to play in the waves. It is the perfect timing photo.

4. Eagle Leaving White Trails

eagle in airplane trails
Photo Credits: daily news dig

How many planes are in the sky? There are many planes in the air at any moment. We can see contrails when the sky is clear. Eagle also fly high in the sky. Above photo looks like the eagle was producing contrails. This is the best photos and most perfectly timed photos ever.

5. Boring

funny photo
Photo Credits: worldation

The military parade is a formation of soldiers. They are not allowed to move during the parade. It’s a military tradition. It’s boring to stand straight and listen to the speech. Yawning is a natural thing. If we get lazy or bored, we yawn. In this mass parade, one of the soldiers was yawning which was click at the perfect time.

6. Stretching Cat

stretching cat
Photo Credits: top13

A cat is an indoor pet. There are many types of cat breeds in the world. They all have different kinds of behavior. All cats are sweet whatever their behavior is. Sometimes they do stupid things like scratching on furniture or couch. If cat fits its head in a small hole then it can get the rest of its body through that hole. This time cat enters the wrong hole. It looks like a stretching cat.

7. Where is my head?

Photo Credits: newszii

Horses are the social animal. They are used for riding, sports, and transport. A horse has a close connection to human, especially with the owners. In this photo, she was having a good time with the lovely horse. But the photographer had a funny perspective to click a photo and photo became a lady with a horse head.

8. Is that new Cat Breed?

shadow cat
Photo Credits: The Meow blog

As I wrote above, cats are the sweetest animal. The cat cannot sit one place quietly. He roams around the house. In this photo, I think a cat was having a good time with sunlight. When we find the best shot, we take out our camera or DSLR and instantly click the photo. The wall hole looks like cat eyes. This is one of the perfectly timed photos.

9. Angel in a street

Photo Credits: architecture design

Street art is created in the public location of the street wall. The sidewalk painting looks beautiful. There are various kinds of art. Not only on street, but we can find art in the building also. Today, the art can be found in most of the countries. All art is creative and beautiful. Above photo is the best photo. It was like ladies walking with her wings.

10. Money is everything

Photo Credits: crazy funny photos

Money is an important thing in human life. The way of exchanging things is money. It makes our life happy. We cannot fulfill our desire without money. Who doesn’t need money? Even the duck needs money. The above photo shows us that. It was like a duck masterplan to grab a money from a woman. This is the example of perfect timing photos.


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