10 Strange Animals In The World

strange animals

We live in a world with lots of biodiversity. You might think that you’ve seen the world over.  Scientists themselves keep discovering new species every year and admit that modern science is not familiar with all existing animals. There are literally millions of different species on earth that scientists are not even sure how many? Our spectacular planet has so many wonders to explore.  Wonders like forbidden, weird places, strange traditions, and strange animals exist in this world. Some even get surprised as they find out there’s an animal they haven’t heard of before. Here are some strange animals found on our planet.

1. Pink Fairy Armadillo

Pink Fairy Armadillo
image by Ryan Somma

Pink Fairy Armadillo is the smallest species of armadillo. Like other armadillos, they have a shell on their back to protect them. However, their shells are much softer than the others. Pink fairy armadillos are found in the grasslands and deserts of central Argentina.

2.  Aye Aye

Aye Aye
image by Justin

Aye-Aye is the world’s largest nocturnal primate which is found in Madagascar. These strange animals are dark brown or black, feature big eyes, slender fingers, and large, sensitive ears.  The aye-aye commonly eats seeds, fruits, nectar, and fungi  Aye-aye have a dark body with the long bushy tail. The claws on their fingers help them to easily travel from branches to branches.

3. Hairy Frogfish

Hairy Frogfish
Wikimedia image by Silke Baron

The hairy frogfish is also known as the striated frogfish. They are found mostly in warm waters around the world. The Hairy Frogfish can also change its color to blend in with its surroundings. The dominant coloration varies from yellow to brownish-orange, passing through a range of shades, but it can also be green, gray, brown, almost white, or even completely black without any pattern. Hairy frogfish can open their mouths extremely wide, allowing it to swallow prey as large as itself. The coloring of its body is extremely variable because individual fish tend to match their living environments.

4. Axolotl

Wikimedia image by Stan Shebs

The axolotl is a small salamander that can be found in various lakes around Mexico City. This amphibian can regenerates limbs, has lidless eyes and can be black or albino. Male salamanders can be identified by their long tails and narrow heads and females by their stout bodies. The axolotl eats small fishes, worms, and anything it can find that will fit in its mouth. Axolotls have four pigmentation genes; when mutated they create different color variants.

5. Red-lipped Batfish

Red-lipped batfish
Wikimedia image by Rein Ketelaars

The red-lipped batfish is an odd-looking fish found in the Galapagos Islands. It is a strange fish. Although it lives in water, it is not a strong swimmer. To move from place to place it has modified fins that it uses to “walk” across the ocean floor instead of swimming.

6. Saiga Antelope

Saiga Antelope
Wikimedia image by Vladimir Yu. Arkhipov, Arkhivov

The Saiga Antelope is known for its extremely unusual, over-sized, flexible nose structure. These strange animals are critically endangered that can be found around Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. The Saiga Antelope nose is flexible and inflatable. It helps to breathe clean air during dusty summers and warm air during cold winters.

7.  Yeti Crab

Yeti Crab
Wikimedia image by Andrew Thurber

Yeti Crab is known as the Kiwa Hirsuta. It was only discovered in 2005 deep within the South Pacific Ocean. A marine creature that lives near the thermal vents in the ocean floor where hot water gushes into the sea. Yeti Crabs are sociable sea creatures. The “hairy” pincers which give the crab its nickname contain filamentous bacteria, which the creature may use to detoxify poisonous minerals from the water emitted by the hydrothermal vents where it lives.

8. Blobfish

Source: Wikimedia

Blobfish live deep in the ocean, where pressures are exceedingly high. These can be found off the coasts of mainland Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand. Blobfish are almost completely lacking in muscle and bone. Blobfish was voted the World’s Ugliest Animal.

9. Dumbo Octopus

Dumbo Octopus
Wikimedia image by NOAA Okeanos Explorer

These strange creatures live deep in the ocean. Most are found 3,000 to 4,000 meters below, often hovering just above the seafloor. They are small animals, around 8 inches tall, and have a pair of fins located on their mantle. They get their names from their ‘ears’. Dumbos swim around by flapping those “ears”.

10. Shoebill

Shoebill couple
Wikimedia image by Frank Wouters

The Shoebill is a very large stork-like bird. It derives its name from its enormous shoe-shaped bill. The monstrous and awesome shoebill is possibly the most bizarre bird on the African continent. It has massive feet, an enormous beak and is very, very tall for a bird. This big bird also eats turtles, fishes, and young crocodiles. The head is large in proportion to the body, and the eyes are also exceptionally large. They are mostly silent and solitary birds.

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