High Security Prisons That Are Impossible To Escape

high security prisons

5 High Security Prisons

There are many high security prisons in the world. The ratio of crime is increasing rapidly. Terrorism, murder, robbery, assaults, and rape are the worst crime. Criminals will be sentenced according to their crime. Some inmate can’t handle the imprison and try to escape prison through unofficial or illegal ways. They use every possible way to escape from prison. Bars and guards are not enough for prisoners. This is why advanced prisons are designed. Such advanced prisons are technically supervised and watched by a huge number of guards 24/7. Here is the list of 5 high security prisons in the world.

1. ADX Florence – United States

Adx prison
image by Richard-59

The  Administrative Maximum Facility (ADX) is the most secure prison in the world, located in Colorado.  With a cell that has no direct access, prisoners are locked up for a whole day. Prisoners cannot see the sun. The prison is highly inescapable, monitored with the latest technology surveillance systems and equipment. There are a number of violent gang leaders, notable international and domestic ‘terrorists’. It is one of the high security prisons in the world.

2. La Sante Prison – France

wall of La Sante Prison
image source: Lionel Allorge

Lo Sante Prison is located in Paris. This is the most popular prison in France for both high-security. The prison’s architecture and security measure are so simple and effective, that it is impossible to get out. This prison is the most difficult to break-out.

3. Fuchu Prison – Japan

entrance of fuchu prison
image source

Fuchu Prison is one of the largest and oldest prisons in Japan. The prison has some of the most notorious criminals from Japan and abroad. The security systems place within the facility is one of the most advanced in the world.  There is no record of escaped inmates in this prison.

4. Qincheng Prison – China

Qincheng Prison is a maximum-security prison which is located in Beijing. It has around 5,000 security guards. The prison boasts of the tallest watchtower in the world. There are three gates at Qincheng Prison. The first gate has the heaviest guards presence. It is one of the high-security prisons in the world.

5. Camp Delta – Cuba

Camp Delta
image by Kathleen T. Rhem

Camp Delta is a permanent American detainment camp. It is located at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. It officially belongs to the United States. The camps have different levels of comfort. The camp prison is difficult to escape.


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