9 Places To Visit Near Kathmandu

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Kathmandu is a densely populated city which is surrounded by green hills. There are many exotic places within and near Kathmandu. If you don’t have the time or energy to trek for long days, you can still experience short hiking or travel within one day around Kathmandu’s hills.  Here is the list of 9 places to visit near Kathmandu.

1. Nagarkot

view from nagarkot
Wikimedia image by Sherparinji

Nagarkot is situated in the east of Kathmandu valley which is popular for sunrise and sunset views. It has become famous for viewing snow-capped mountains. The best seasons to see the mountains are from October to December and March to April when clear skies are likely. It has its own scenic beauty and popular for hiking and picnic spot.

2. Kulekhani Dam and Chitlang

kulekhani dam
Kulekhani, Wikimedia image by AfzalKhan1981

The Kulekhani Dam is a rock-fill dam on the Kulekhani River. It is the largest man-made lake in Nepal for Kulekhani Hydropower project, also known as Indra Sarobar. Kulekhani is famous for fishing, hiking, trekking, and boating. A few kilometers from Kulekhani, there lies a Chitlang.

one hill tree
one hill tree – Chitlang, Wikimedia image by Saroj Pandey

Chitlang is a small paradise which is popular for organic products. Short hiking to Chitlang has become popular for those who are in Kathmandu. Chitlang comprises magnificent landscapes, delightful sense, green forest and beautiful villages. The place is also popular for one hill tree.

3. Sundarijal and Chisapani

Bagmati river
Wikimedia image by Sudan Shrestha

Sundarijal is one of the coolest places in Nepal where one can have thrill and hiking experience. Visitors are attracted to the natural beauty, waterfalls, and rivers. Many tourists come from the Kathmandu Valley to enjoy the nature because of its closeness. It is the nearest place to visit and also starting point to Chisapani for hikers.

chisapani lake
Wikimedia image by Smnbhattarai

Chisapani is one of the shortest hikes in Kathmandu valley. It is popular for the spectacular views of snow-capped mountains green hills. The village Chisapani is also the gateway to Langtang, Gosainkunda, and Nagarkot trek.

4. Phulchowki

Landscape from Phulchowki
Wikimedia image by Sadikshya21

Phulchowki is one of the highest hill situated near Kathmandu valley. This is one of the most beautiful hiking in terms of vegetation and bird watching destination in Kathmandu valley. The journey starts from the Godavari. From the top, you get a breathtaking view of Kathmandu valley. Pulchowki is surrounded by the dense forest.

5. Dhulikhel

Wikimedia image by Rameshjarvis

Dhulikhel lies in the east of Kathmandu valley.  Two major highway B.P Highway and Araniko Highway passes through Dhulikhel. One has a panoramic view of Himalayan from Dhulikhel. It is famous for the natural and historical reason. It is getting popular for picnics.

6. Namobuddha

Wikimedia image by Wang Lama Humla

Namobuddha is a beautiful place located at Kavre district which is few kilometers away from Dhulikhel. Namobuddha is one of the most important religious sites of the Buddhist. There is a monastery on the hill-top from where visitors can enjoy the great views of mountain hills and green fields. Its environment is very clean with no pollution, and the natural air is so fresh, cool and healthy environment.

7. Lakuri Bhanjyang

view from lakuri
Wikimedia image by Brabim Bhandari

Lakuri Bhanjyang is one of the most scenic spots renowned for sunrise view and panoramic views of Himalayas. The journey starts in Gwarko. The place is famous for the great view of cities like Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur. It is also a really good destination for a  day hike.

8. Kakani

view in kakani
Wikimedia image by Ananda Raj Devkota

Kakani is located in the Nuwakot district. Kakani is one of the destinations where many tourists visit every year. It is a fantastic site for viewing the mountain scenery and popular for a short drive, picnic and cycling.

9. Bhotechaur Tea Garden

Bhotechaur tea garden
Wikimedia image by Bajraniraj

Bhotechaur Tea Garden is a village lies in Sindhupalchowk district. It is well-known for the tea garden which is also popular as “Mini Ilam” is one of the beautiful place to visit near Kathmandu for short duration outing.

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