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beautiful lakes in nepal

10 Most Beautiful Lakes In Nepal

Beautiful Lakes In Nepal – Lakes are geologically temporary features, lasting at most a few hundred thousand years. Lakes offer some of the best outdoor recreation opportunities and mirror-like reflections to crystalline clarity. Nepal is home to some most amazing lakes in the world. These lakes are the major attraction for the tourism in Nepal. Many of the lakes of Nepal hold religious and traditional significance. They are calm and photogenic with jaw-dropping views in the background. Read the list of 10 beautiful lakes in Nepal.

1. Rara Lake

Clear view of rara lake

Rara lake is the biggest and deepest lake in Nepal. The lake ability is to change to seven different colors during the light of the day. It’s a very long rough route in western Nepal for trekkers to reach the lake. Rara is a unique spot in Nepal. The attraction of a Rara lake is the view of snow-capped Himalayan, varieties of birds watching and flora and fauna. Lake is surrounded by Rara National Park. So, how to reach Rara Lake? There are many options to reach Rara Lake.

2. Tilicho Lake

frozen lake of tilicho

Tilicho lake is the highest lake for its size in the world. It is located in Manang district of Nepal. Tilicho is a famous destination in the popular Annapurna circuit trek which is exciting and the best treks in Nepal. Some surrounding peaks added the beauty of the lake. The water is fresh from the mountain in the lake. Many people travel to see the beautiful lake. The lake tends to be frozen over during winters. It is one of the beautiful lakes in Nepal.

3. Phoksundo Lake

clear view of lake
Wikimedia image by Passangdolpo

Phoksundo lake is the most scenic and beautiful natural tourist destination in Nepal. It lies in Dolpa district. The trek to Phoksundo lake follows an amazing trail through landscapes, scenic views, and snow-capped mountains. Dolpa has been captured beautifully in the movie Himalaya. The view of the bluest lake makes you relax the mind and body. The highlight of the trek is the mesmerizing deep-blue lake which is one of the beautiful lakes in Nepal.

4. Gokyo Lakes

lakes in nepal

Gokyo Lakes lies within the Sagarmatha National park. It is famous for the trekkers who travel to the Everest region. The Gokyo Lakes are the world’s highest freshwater system. From here, a three-hour walk will take you to Gokyo Ri for a stunning view of Mt. Everest. The blue and green waters of the Gokyo Lakes are one of Nepal’s most famous sights. These lakes of Nepal is also famous for Gokyo trek or Gokyo Ri Trek.

5. Gosaikunda lake

lake landscape
Wikimedia image by Q-lieb-in

Gosaikunda lake is a popular tourist destination and widely respected Hindu pilgrimage site. The trek to lake consists of peaceful trails, majestic Himalayan scenery, and breathtaking views. The lake remains frozen for only a short time during winter. Gosainkunda has often highlighted destination of the famous Langtang trek.

6. Phewa lake

phewa taal

Phewa lake is situated in Pokhara and taTaal Barahi temple lies in the center of Lake. It is the central attraction for travelers in Pokhara. Lake is famous for the reflection of Machapuchare on its surface. It is often used for recreational boating for travelers. The Pokhara is the gateway of all the Annapurna region. It is one of the beautiful lakes in Nepal.

7. Rupa lake

rupa lake
Wikimedia image by Pursob64

Rupa lake is located in the Pokhara-Lenknath metropolitan municipality. It provides enough space for boating experience. The less visited Rupa Lake is for the peace-loving travelers. It will be the great option to stay away from overcrowded. The flora and fauna around the lake is a thing for admiration as well.

8. Begnas lake

begnas lake

Begnas lake is located in the south-east of the Pokhara valley. Those who are looking for isolated places, Begnas lake is for them. There are various boating opportunities in the lake. The water from the lake is used for irrigation and some parts of the lake are used as caged fisheries also.

9. Tsho Rolpa Lake

glacier lake
image under CC from wiki

Tsho Rolpa is one of the biggest glacier lakes in Nepal. It is located in Dolakha district. Lake lies between Langtang and Everest range. The trek to Tsho Rolpa Lake with the view of Gauri Shankar Himalayan range throughout the trek. The trek will familiarize you with the beauty of Himalayan silence.

10. Panch Pokhari

lakes in nepal
Wikimedia image by NepaliBiebs

Panch Pokhari is a group of 5 Hindu holy lakes in the Sindhupalchowk district of Nepal. Fives lakes that are famous for the Hindu pilgrimage trip. Panch Pokhari trek offers beautiful Himalayan views. The trail to the lake is rarely hiked. It will be an amazing opportunity for you to explore this destination. Panch Pokhari looks awesome with clear blue five ponds surrounded by green hills which is one of the beautiful lakes in Nepal.


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