Funny Test Answers From Students That Are Wrong

funny test answers from students

14 Funny Test Answers From Students

Funny Test Answers From Students – Exams are important parts of the student’s life. It is essential but some students don’t want to give exams. There are some students who give funny answers when they don’t know the right answer. They will definitely fail with these kinds of answers but it makes us laugh. The following are the list of funny test answers that are completely wrong.

1. Confusion Question

kid think that the answer lies within the symbol
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The greater than or less than sign is a mathematical symbol that denotes an inequality between two values. Many students often get confused with these symbols. In this question, I think the student might have thought that the answer lies within the bracket. Therefore, the student gave all answers with ‘or‘ which makes us laugh. This is the funny test answers.

2. Clever answer

funny answers in physics
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Solid, liquid and gas are the state of matters. Solids are the hard substances. A liquid is a substance which is not solid but flows freely and has a constant volume. Gas is a state of matter that has no fixed shape and volume. According to this test answer, it is the right answer but not right in the exam.

3. OMG

short and sweet answer
image source: youtube

King Richard III was the king of England. He died at the Battle of Bosworth Field

Marriage is a union of two people. Not all people live happy married life. There are many reasons for divorce like constant arguing, money problem, lack of communication, etc. This test answer was wrong but it was one of the funny history test answers.

4. God is everywhere

god gave ring to saturn
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Saturn is the second largest planet in the solar system. The rings of Saturn are made of billions of Planet. Those rings look beautiful in our solar system. Saturn is a god in ancient Roman religion. This test answer shows us that the student also believes in god. Therefore, the god put a ring on it. It was the genuine funny exam answers.

5. Choose yourself

creative answer in match the word
image source: hankermag

In this match the words exercise, you have to match each word which is similar to another. Do you know which one is the right answer? We all know, all the answers were wrong. The student gave homework to the teacher to choose the right answer. This brilliant test answer is one of the funny test answers from students.

6. Ball lover

kid is a ball lover
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A game is an activity that one engages in for entertainment. Every game has its own rule. Games are played by both hand and leg. Maybe this student loves playing ball. And the student wrote the answer that hands are for touching balls.

7. Student Survey

funny answer in a student survery
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School is an institution for educating children. It is the important things in our lives where we can learn to read and write. School helps us to develop our skills. Maybe most of us felt lazy to go to school every day and doing homework. This student may be too tired of going to school and wrote the answer in Block letter.

8. Racism

classifying living things is racism
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The science of classifying living things is called taxonomy. The classification of living things makes easier for scientists to study certain groups of organisms. This student hates racism which is a good thing and the question was not about racism. But, the answer makes us laugh.

9. Love hurts

love hurts more
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Love is an emotional attachment. It is the purest, deepest and sweetest of human emotions. Love hurts because of rejection, losing someone, expectations from loved ones,  loneliness hurts and loving the wrong person does. The student was deep hurts. Was this student in love? Maybe.

10. Move it

fill in the blank with move it answer
image source: boredom therapy

When you have no idea what to write in the answer sheet. This student liked to do only ‘move it’. Are you reading this like a singing? The answers are in a singing style. This is one of the funniest test answers.

11. Don’t eat many candy bars

eating many candy can cause diabetes
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A person has high blood sugar because of inability to produce or metabolize, sufficient quantities of the hormone insulin. Diabetes is a lifelong disease. The funny test answer tells us that eating too much candy bars causes diabetes. But it’s not like that. It was one of the funny test answers from students.

12. Thinking in an answer paper

thinking in the answer paper
image source: esthernewtonblog

Bobby has four dimes. Amy has 30 pennies. Which child has more money? The answer is bobby. Instead of explaining the answer, the student describes in a funny way. Is that the student thinking in an answer? No, the student gave the wrong answer in the funniest way.

13. Dilute Sulphuric Acid

acid confuses the students
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Dilute sulfuric acid is a strong mineral acid. It is an important industrial chemical which is used to make fibers, chemicals, paints, detergents, etc. This student was confused about the purpose of adding dilute sulphuric acid.

14. Confusing Answer

true and false confuse answer
Photo credits: ok now lets go

True and false are the most asked questions in the exam. ‘T’ represents the true statement and ‘F ‘represents the false statement. We can write the full word also which is true and false. Not like the above answer. The most confusing answer in history. This is one of the funny and brilliant test answers which is completely wrong. All of the funny test answers from students which makes us laugh.


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