List Of Dangerous Animals In The World

list of dangerous animals in the world

List Of Dangerous Animals In The World

List of Dangerous animals in the world – In our Planet, there are millions and a half of species of animal have been identified. Animals are classified into different groups according to their similarities. The animal kingdom is divided into animals without backbones and with backbones. All animals have their own characteristic, some are adorable and some are poisonous or dangerous. This planet is also home to the beautiful birds and strange animals. So, take a look at the list of the most dangerous animals in the world.

1. Mosquito

mosquito biting in human hand

Mosquitoes are the smallest animal on the planet. They are small but it is dangerous because they transmit diseases. Some mosquitoes transmit extremely dangerous disease like malaria, yellow fever,  Zika Virus, etc. So, they are the most dangerous animals in the world.  Every year, mosquitos kill millions of people around the world. There are many types of mosquitoes like Aedes, Asian tiger mosquito, Yellow fever mosquito, Mansonia, etc.

2.  Elephant

elephant looking

Elephants are the biggest animal on earth, but despite its size and power, it is a gentle creature.  They are social animals but when they got angry, no one can stop an elephant. The strongest animal on the earth. Some wild elephants are the most violent animals in the world. Many types of elephant live on this planet, some are African Bush Elephant, Asian Elephant, African Forest Elephant, Indian Elephant, Sri Lankan Elephant, etc.

3. Saltwater Crocodile

saltwater crocodile relaxing

Crocodiles are tropical reptiles found in freshwater habitats in the world. Crocodiles belong to the group of reptiles, called the crocodilians. Saltwater crocodile diet is fish, birds, and mammals. They stay below water and stays ready to attack any animals who come to drink water. After lying hidden for hours, a crocodile suddenly seizes prey from riverbanks and drags it below water until it drowns. It has the strongest jaw that can kill any animal.

4. Hippopotamus

close view of Hippopotamus

Spending the day submerged in water, hippopotamus emerges at dusk to feed on nearby grasslands. Hippos spend many hours a day submerged in water.  There are two types of hippopotamus, one is the common hippopotamus and the another is the pygmy hippopotamus. This aggressive animal is one of the most dangerous animals in the world.

5. Snake


Snakes are long, scaly and legless reptiles.  Snakes are found on all the continents.  There are thousands of species of snake. Many of them are venomous snakes in the world.  Every year, thousands of people die because of the poisonous snakes across the world. Some of the list of venomous snakes are king cobra, black mamba, inland taipan, Indian cobra, eastern brown snake, tiger snake, horned viper, saw-scaled viper, etc. These are the most venomous snakes on earth or list of dangerous animals on earth.

6. Box Jellyfish

box jellyfish
Photo Credit: Peter Southwood

Box Jellyfish lives around the beaches. There are many types of box jellyfish in the world.  All of them are dangerous because it is the most venomous animal on earth. Some of them are so deadly that can kill you in a minute. Box jellyfish is the most poisonous marine animal in the world.

7. Puffer Fish

Puffer Fish

Do you think puffer fish is adorable? Well, it looks adorable but it is quite a dangerous animal on earth. Their venom can paralyze you and stop your breathing. If you don’t know how to eat puffer fish properly, you may die. There many types of puffer fish like dwarf pufferfish, Takifugu, Arothron, etc.

8. Lion

liom yawning

Lions are the most powerful animals. Many types of lion can be found. Some of the list of dangerous animals names of lions are African lion, American lion, Asiatic lion, etc.  The lionesses hunt together, preying on large animals, such as zebra, wild buffalo, etc.  They live mainly in Africa. The males are about a third larger than females. Lions live in grasslands where zebras and other animals on which they prey in large numbers.

9. Leopard


Leopards live in Africa, southern Asia, and the Middle East. They are excellent climbers, their long tails helping them to balance. Their coat varies from pale yellow to black and is covered in spots, providing effective camouflage against the light and shade of their surroundings. Leopard prey many animals including deer, baboons, warthogs, etc. So, how many types of leopards are there? We can find different types of leopards such as African Leopard, Amur Leopard, Indian Leopard, Persian Leopard, etc.

10. Hyena


There are mainly three types of hyenas. They are spotted, striped and brown. The spotted hyena is the largest. All three have large, broadheads and powerful jaws. They are quite related to the cat family. Spotted hyenas scavenger the remains of other animals kills, but also kill their own prey, frequently taking young wildebeest calves and zebras. They may hunt singly but are more effective in packs.


Furthermore, there are many dangerous animals found around the world.  These are just a few list of dangerous animals in the world. On this planet, there are deadliest animals to humans and most aggressive animal in the world can be found.


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