Longest Railway Tunnels In The World

longest railway tunnels in the world

9 Longest Railway Tunnels In The World

Tunnels are the most amazing works of the engineer. It is a passage dug through mountains and even water to meet the other point which makes transport quicker and safer. The tunnel provides travelers with a quick and easy way to reach destinations. There are many tunnels in the world. So, here is the list of 9 longest railway tunnels in the world.

1. Gotthard Base Tunnel – Switzerland

The Gotthard Base Tunnel is a railway through the Alps of Switzerland with a route length of 57 km. It is the world’s longest and deepest traffic tunnel in the world. The main purpose of this tunnel is to increase the local transport capacity across the Alps.

2. Seikun Tunnel – Japan

Seikun Tunnel is a 53.85 km dual gauge railway tunnel in Japan connecting through the island of Honshu and Hokkaido. It is 23.3 km of the portion covered under the depth of sea and length of 53 km. This tunnel is both the longest and deepest operational railway tunnel. It is also one of the longest railway tunnels in the world.

3. Channel Tunnel – England and France

Channel Tunnel is a railway tunnel linking between England and France. It is also called Euro Channel which is 50 km long. The design and construction of this tunnel are one of the boldest engineering challenge undertaken. The tunnel has the longest undersea portion which is the longest tunnels in the world by railways.

4. Yulhyeon Tunnel – South Korea

Yulhyeon Tunnel is the longest railway tunnel which is 50.3 km long. This tunnel is part of the Suseo high-speed railway. The line connects Suseo station in Seoul and Pyeongtaek. This is another longest railway tunnels in the world.

5. Lotschberg Base Tunnel – Switzerland

Lotschberg Base Tunnel is a long railway base tunnel cutting through the Bernese Alps of Switzerland. It runs from Frutigen to Raron. This longest tunnel is one of the safest, most modern and technically complex rail tunnel in the world.

6. New Guanjiao Tunnel – China

New Guanjiao Tunnel is a tunnel on the 2nd line of Qinghai – Tibet railway in Guanjiao mountain. Its total length is 32.645 km, which has dual-bores, double-track rail tunnel. It is also a world’s longest railway tunnel at high altitude.

7. Guadarrama Tunnel – Spain

Guadarrama Tunnel is the 28.4 km railway tunnel across the Sierra de Guadarrama along the high-speed railway between Madrid–Valladolid in Spain. The tunnel has two tubes and it is the longest tunnel in Spain.

8. Hakkoda Tunnel – Japan

The Hakkoda Tunnel railway tunnel links the village of Tenmabayashi with the city of Aomori. Its total length is 26.445 km. This railway tunnel is the longest land-based double track tunnel in the world.

9. Iwate-Inchinohe Tunnel – Japan

The Iwate-Inchinohe Tunnel is a terrestrial railway tunnel in Japan. The total length of the railway is 25.810 km. It is a part of the Tohoku Shinkansen linking Tokyo with Aomori. It is another longest railway tunnels in the world.


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