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dangerous roads in the world

9 Most Dangerous Roads In The World

Dangerous Roads In The World – From ancient to present, roads have provided a means for safer movement of goods and people. Without roads, it would be difficult to move from one place to another. But, some roads are safe to drive and some roads test your skill and thrill you all the time till you pass through that road. Every year, millions of people die in a road accident. So, here is the list of most deadliest roads in the world.

1. North Yungas Road – Bolivia

Vehicle driving in yungus road
Photo by Kyle Loftus on Unsplash

Would you dare to travel on any road nicknamed ‘Death Road‘? The Road of Death is a road leading 56 km from Lapaz to Coroico. It was built in the 1930’s during the Chaco War by Paraguayan prisoners. Most of the road is only 3.5 meters wide. It is estimated, between 200 to 300 people die a year on this dangerous road. But, Cyclists still challenge the road of death. It becomes a playground adventure for a cyclist. It is one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

2. Karakoram Highway – China and Pakistan Friendship Highway

truck in landslide
image source: Shaun Metcalfe – Under Creative Commons license

The Karakoram highway links China and Pakistan. It has been named the friendship highway. The total length of the highway is 1300 km. While building the highway, many Pakistanis and Chinese workers lost their lives. The Karakoram highway is beset with hazards like flooding, landslide, avalanche, rock falls and heavy snow which is the most dangerous road in the world.

3. James Dalton Highway

isolated road
image source: Malcolm Manners

The James W. Dalton Highway or Dalton highway is 666 km road in Alaska. The J. Dalton highway is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. The road has unpaved portions, icy conditions, and remote location. Anyone travels these dangerous roads should bring survival gear. High winds and icy conditions turn the road Slip’N Slide for truckers. It is one of the most isolated roads in the world.

4. Zoji La – India

zoji la narrow road
Wikimedia image By Yogeshgupta26

Zoji La is a high mountain pass in Jammu and Kashmir. The 9 km stretch road has no barrier on the side and the other face has hard rock. Definitely, you will fear from that. Landslides are a common occurrence in dangerous roads. Due to heavy snow, vehicles flow are restricted.

5. Skippers Canyon Road – New Zealand

skippers canyon narrow road

Skippers Canyon Road is a 22 km in length. The road is mostly one-way, narrow and steep. It requires a huge amount of concentration and patience. Motorists must apply for a permit before driving here. You may find trouble if you have to face another vehicle coming from the opposite direction. This is one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

6. Guoliang Tunnel Road – China

tunnel road
Wikimedia image By FANG Chen

The Guoliang tunnel road was carved along the side of and through the mountain by local villagers. The road is 1.2 km long, 12 feet wide and 16 feet high. It is one of the most famous tunnels in the world. The tunnel itself has several windows looking out over the valley.

7. Atlantic Road – Norway

Curvy road

The Atlantic road is 8.3 km long. A bridge on Atlantic road is so curvy and steep which is dangerous. In a good weather, it is one of the best scenic drives in the world but when the weather takes an ugly turn, cars are lashed by powerful wind guts and pounded by large waves. This is one of the dangerous roads in the world.

8. Passage Du Gois – France

road in the river
image source: Hugues

Le Passage du Gois is 4.125 km long located on the Atlantic coast of France. Every year travelers find themselves trapped when the tides come in and the water rises rapidly. The road disappears under 13 feet of water. So, people can only use the road twice a day for a few hours.

9. Kabul to Jalalabad – Afghanistan

traffic jam
image source: Peretz Partensky – Under Creative Commons license

The Kabul to Jalalabad is a highway between the Afghan cities of Kabul and Jalalabad. Road route is a continuous series of sharp turns and cliffs. The road passes through the extremely mountainous terrain. It’s a combination of the narrow and windy lanes. This highway is highly trafficked by the Taliban which makes one of the dangerous roads in the world.


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