amazing survival stories

Amazing Survival Stories Of People Who Cheated Death

5 True And Amazing Survival Stories Natural and man-made disasters often challenge the world. This list concentrates on the weirdest and wonderful death-defying experience in history. There are people who cheated death and lived truly impossible surviving stories. Read 5 of the most amazing survival stories that will inspire you. 1. Aaron Ralston Aaron was hiking alone in blue john canyon, …

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weird traditions

Weird Traditions From Around The World That Still Exists

5 Weird Traditions Warning: Readers may find some images disturbing The world is a weird place. There are many countries in our world. Every country has many villages which have its own tradition. Each culture and religion have their own uniqueness. These traditions and cultures are connected to a community’s historical background. Read some of the 5 weird traditions in …

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dangerous airports in the world

Dangerous Airports In The World | World’s Deadliest Airports

11 Most Dangerous Airports In The World Airports serve the vital role to get people and goods from one place to another place. All air travelers leave airports, which range in size from small facilities to enormous international terminals. Airline travel is one of the safest forms of public transportation but these world’s most extreme airports still scare people. Because of …

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