Restricted Places You Are Not Allowed To Visit

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9 Most restricted places on earth

Restricted Places – Traveling is the most relaxing thing for the mind, isn’t it? You may travel to the most beautiful places on earth. The world is full of secrets. When you find places that are forbidden, the more you want to go to those places. These places have been completely cut off from the outside world. The following lists are the restricted places you are not allowed to visit.

1. Area 51 – Nevada

restricted area

Area 51 is a highly classified remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base. The outside area of area 51 is installed with hundreds of special defense or CCTV which can detect any movement in the area. If you step foot past the warning signs, you will be surrounded by security in seconds. The airspace above the base is also a no-go area. Its purpose remains unknown to the public. It is the most restricted places in the world.

2. Room 39 – North Korea

Wikimedia image By Mark Fahey

Room 39 is a secretive North Korean Party Organization. Room 39 is said to be the site of numerous criminal activities. Very little people is known about what happens within its perimeters. It’s hard enough getting into North Korea.

3. Svalbard Global Seed Vault – Norway

Seed Vault
image: landbruks

Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a secure seed bank. It was built to store seeds and protected by highly advanced security systems. The seed vault functions like a safe deposit box in a bank. There are only a few people who can go to the vault. The structure was designed to last against external hazards and climate change effects. This is one of the restricted places on earth.

4. Snake Island – Brazil

toxic snake

IIha Queimada Grande or Snake Island which is the home of the most dangerous species of snake. Their Venom is so powerful that it can melt human flesh. It’s like seeing snakes slithering in almost every square foot of the island. The Brazilian government banned visitors in order to protect the critically endangered snakes from poaching.

5. The Vault Of Coca-Cola – Georgia

Secret Recipe Vault
image: Hyokano

Have you ever wondered the true recipe of Coca-Cola? Only a few people know the actual formula. The secret formula behind the coca-cola recipe is one of the most heavily guarded secrets. The vault is located into a museum in Atlanta. The vault is one of the restricted places to visit.

6. Fort Knox – USA

Fort knox security

Fort Knox is a reserve that holds the US gold bullion reserve as well as other national treasures. It is one of the most secure places on the planet. Fort Knox is surrounded by fences and protected by multiple alarms.

7. Lascaux Cave – France

stone age painting

The  Lascaux Cave is the setting of a complex of caves in France. The cave is history’s most famous examples of Paleolithic cave painting ever discovered. Over 600 Parietal wall paintings cover interior walls and ceilings of the cave. The cave was banned to the public since 1963.

8. Club 33 – California

club 33
image: Josh Hallett

Who says Disneyland is only for children. A secret feature of Disney land is Club 33 which is a set of private club. It is one of the most expensive clubs on the planet. If you happen to get on the list, you have to pay $40,000 initiation fee.

9. The Vatican Secret Archives – Rome

A hallway near the Secret Archives of the Vatican.
image: Bryan Allison

The Vatican Secret Archives is an old library. It has a historic document, state papers, papal account books, and other official correspondence. Some of which dates back to the 18th century. It is one of the most secretive libraries in the world. These days, only highly qualified scholars may apply for entry.


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