Weird Traditions From Around The World That Still Exists

weird traditions

5 Weird Traditions

Warning: Readers may find some images disturbing

The world is a weird place. There are many countries in our world. Every country has many villages which have its own tradition. Each culture and religion have their own uniqueness. These traditions and cultures are connected to a community’s historical background. Read some of the 5 weird traditions in the world.

1. Cobra Gold

Exercise Cobra Gold
image by Staff Sgt. Micaiah Anthony

Cobra Gold is an Asia-Pacific military exercise which helds in Thailand. The soldiers are subjected to extreme conditions so that they can survive the wilderness. They also take part in a strange exercise such as how to kill a cobra and then drink its blood. They also bite the heads off chickens and eat scorpions.

2. Living with the dead

feeding dead body
image from Quora

In Indonesian island called Sulawesi, the corpse of the dead resides with the family. The journey from death to burial can be a long one because the bodies are kept at the home for months or years. Dead bodies are fed and cared for as if they were alive.

The dead bodies are injected with a preservative called Formalin. It helps to stop the bodies from decomposing. Before they’ve taken home they are dressed in special clothes and then they paraded around town. When they finally bury the bodies, a buffalo has to be sacrificed at their funeral, serving as the vehicle to the afterlife. It is one of the weird traditions in the worlds.

3. Finger Amputation

weired tradition
Wikimedia image by Michael Kassube

The Dani tribe from Indonesia follow to strange ritual. The members of this tribe cut off their fingers to show love for the dead. During a loved one’s funeral, the upper tips of the fingers are amputated. This is said to help display sadness and reflect their inner grief. The fingers are buried in the ground along with their loved ones.

4. Blood Festival

weird tradition

Blood Fiestas are celebrations that are dedicated to killing. This is one of the most horrifying traditions around the world.  Victims are bulls who will be chased and stabbed to death with knives and spears. It is celebrated in Spain.

5. Baby Throwing

baby throwing from tower
image from No Comment TV

Baby throwing is carried out in the village of Karnataka where they pick up a toddler and toss it down the building.  The children are caught in a large towel or a blanket by other villagers on the ground. The crowd celebrates wildly when the children land safely. The reason for this tradition is to bring good luck to the baby and its family which is one of the weird traditions in the world.


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