Who Was Thomas Edison And What Did He Invent?

who was thomas edison and what did he invent

Who Was Thomas Edison And What Did He Invent?

Who Was Thomas Edison And What Did He Invent – Thomas Edison was an American Inventor who was born in 1847 in a small town in Ohio. Besides that, he was also a businessman. Edison had little formal schooling, but he was fascinated by science. He worked very hard and spend many days, months, or even years experimenting in order to make something work. Thomas Alva Edison invented many things that changed the world and he was one of the greatest inventors of all time. He is popular for developing electric lighting, sound recordings and an early form of moving pictures and many others. This is just a few information of who was Thomas Edison and what did he invent.

In 1876, using the money from his stock “ticker”, Edison built an “invention factory’ at Menlo Park. So, the factory was the world’s first research laboratory, where a staff of scientists helped Edison to develop his ideas into devices that actually worked. At Menlo Park, Edison would come with rough ideas and sketches. Furthermore, those were refined, built, and tested by his assistants.

What Did Thomas Edison Invent?

Thomas Edison invents thousands of inventions. Here are some of the popular list of Thomas Edison inventions are below.

Electric Light

Edison’s most prominent invention was the electric light bulb. He saw that a bulb with a glowing thread or filament would work, using electricity.  It took him thousands of experiments before he discovered that the best material for the filament was carbonized cotton thread.


The phonograph is a device for recording and playing back sounds. He sketched the machine and gave it to an assistant to build. It worked, but Edison did not realize this because he had poor hearing.


Kinetoscope is an early motion-picture device. It was developed to view the images through a peephole. Therefore, Kinetoscopes were installed in special viewing parlors in the USA, and customers paid to watch short films.

Furthermore, Edison Patented 1,093 inventions in his lifetime. He helped make the first successful typewriter, a dictating machine, and improved telephone mouthpiece. He came to close to inventing the radio and predicted the use of atomic power. His inventions are the most useful to most of the people. So, he is one of the most popular people. This is just a little information of who was Thomas Edison and what did he invent.


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